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We prepare risk analyses for companies and develop the necessary safety and health protection plans for the planned demolition of buildings and structures, e.g. for so-called "cold repairs" of glass melting tanks.

In addition, we draw up occupational safety plans for work in contaminated areas in accordance with TRGS 524 (formerly BGR 128) and the Construction Site Ordinance.

Our services at a glance:

  • Risk analyses and occupational safety plans for demolition and renovation work

  • Evaluation and classification of hazardous materials by certified hazardous materials officers

  • Execution of hazard assessments and pollutant measurements

  • Preparation of pollutant register

  • Pollutant investigations of buildings with expert sampling of suspicious materials

  • Creation of concepts for the orderly dismantling of buildings and facilities

  • Safety and health protection plans in the context of soil and groundwater remediations

  • Position of the recognised expert in accordance with TRGS 519

  • Position of the recognised expert in accordance with TRGS 524